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December Panchanga

30 Nov
                                   December 2011 – Monthly Panchanga
                                              Khara Samvatsara – Dakshinayana
                                                Hemantha Ritu –Margashira Masa
Important events for the month of December is appended below for information and guidance
07 Dec 2011
  • Pradhosha
10 Dec 2011
  • Full Moon
  • Dattatreya Jayanthi
  • Satyanarayana Pooja
  • Ketugrastha Chandra Grahana – Lunar Eclipse.
    • Start time: 1815 hrs
    • Mid time: 2002 hrs
    • Finish time: 2148 hrs
    • Total Duration: 3 Hrs 33 Min
    • Affected Nakshatras: Rohini & Mrigashira in Taurus
14 Dec 2011
  • Sankasta Chaturthi
  • Mercury turns Direct in Scorpio
15 Dec 2011
  • Venus enters Capricorn. Venus is good in all places except 6 &10 from natal Moon.
16 Dec 2011
  • Sun enters Sagittarius. Sun is good in 3,6,10 & 11 from natal Moon.
  • Dhanu Sankramana
  • Beginning of Dhanurmasa Pooja
22 Dec 2011
  • Pradhosha
24 Dec 2011
  • New Moon
  • Ketu Jayanthi
25 Dec 2011
  • Jupiter turns Direct in Aries.

 Disclaimer: This Almanac is published as an advisory only. Individuals are requested to use their Free will / discretion and consequently the author is not responsible for any damage / loss suffered by them.

Saturn Transit – 2011

14 Nov
                   Neelaanjana Samaabhaasam Ravi Putram Yamaagrajam
          Chaayaa Maartaanda Sambhootam Tham Namaami Shanaiswaram

Saturn Transit 2011

Everyone in astrology knows that Saturn is the single most powerful planet. He can make or mar a person. Once a king by the name ‘Nala’ lost his kingdom and was reduced to a cook because of the devastating influence of Saturn.
Saturn does not even spare Gods. It is said that during Saturn’s time Ganesha’s human head was cut off by Shiva. Shiva himself started to beg during Saturn’s period. Nevertheless, he appointed Saturn to do a certain job and that is to bring people to justice (Dharma) through intense hardship and suffering. Shiva Himself underwent the humiliation of a beggar just to teach a lesson to the human beings and also to demonstrate the power of Saturn.
 Saturn is the slowest moving planet. It takes 30 years for him to complete one cycle of his revolution through the 12 zodiacs. He spends roughly about 2 ½ years in each sign.
 Saturn’s transit is a major astrological event and it is keenly watched and analysed by astrologers all over the world. This year Saturn moves into Libra on 15th November 2011 and this event has special connotation for two important reasons.
  • He moves to his exaltation sign and his best friend’s house (Athi Mithra). Therefore his power to do good / bad is that much enhanced.
  • He will stay in Libra for 3 years until 2nd November 2014 which is more than 6 months longer than his usual stay of 2.5 years
While analyzing transit of Saturn, we say that he is good in 3rd, 6th and 11th Houses from natal Moon and in remaining places he is adverse. These adverse placements are further classified as follows and constitute positions which are generally considered as negative placements
  • 12th,1st (Janma) and 2nd Houses constitute ‘Sade Sathi’ – Virgo, Libra & Scorpio
  • 4th House – Ardaastama Shani /Daiyya – Cancer
  • 5th House – Panchama Shani – Gemini
  • 8th House – Astama Shani – Pisces
There is no reason to fear Saturn and an average lethargic type may, of course, experience Saturn as a hard task-master. And for someone Saturn may feel demanding – and slow with its rewards. But there will be rewards, eventually. They may be slow in coming, because Saturn first wants to test you to be sure that you are in earnest, that you will not revert back to your old lazy tricks. You have to have deeper motives, a true desire to grow even when there are no carrots dangling in front of you. You have to show Saturn that you are doing something for doing’s sake, not because you are expecting Saturn to pat you on your back.
 The predictions given below for each Rashi is general in nature. Do not be afraid if Saturn is adversely placed for your Rashi. Please check your Dasha & Bhukti currently operating and other planetary movements during the period. If the Dasha & Bhukti is good, many adverse predictions may not happen or will be mitigated. If you have further doubts please consult your astrologer.
This transit is likely to result in long distance travel and mental anguish. You are likely to experience feelings of fear and unease and you should be more careful and cautious than usual while traveling. Difference of opinion and friction with spouse is also common during this transit. In relation to business and workplace, you may need to dissolve a contract or partnership during this period of Saturn Transit, so it is important to be extra careful before entering into new legal agreements. Delays could also be experienced in initiating and forming new ventures.
With this transit, Saturn moves to the 6th house for the sign of Taurus. Saturn is benefic to your sign. This transit will not cause problems for you except for the possibility of a small disappointment but this may also bring some unexpected good luck. You will overcome enemies and diseases and a strong and exalted Saturn will boost your will power and physical capacity. You may also experience some interpersonal irritations, but do not worry about it. Academic success for students may be expected during this transit.
When Saturn enters Libra, the 5th house your circumstances should improve, even though the 5th house is not a favorable position for Saturn. However, you will receive more benefits than you would normally accrue. During this period of Saturn Transit, you may face some obstacles related to marriage of a son or daughter and you may need to take more care in relation to your children’s health. Any speculative business you are involved in will initially suffer but then will improve.
 Now Saturn transits to Libra, the 4th house, which generally is not a good placement. 4th house indicates confusions and creates more ambiguity. You will have difficulty making prompt decisions. In this period, great gains are not predicted. You could experience a loss of status and diminished reputation during this period. Keep this in mind and try to mitigate any possibility for unwarranted assaults on your name. Academic progress for students will be unremarkable.
You will have relief from difficulties when Saturn enters Libra, the 3rd house of your sign. You may soon enjoy prosperity. You are likely to travel abroad during this period of Saturn Transit. You will benefit much from communication related endeavors. The journeys that you undertake will bring profits. Those who work in literary and media fields will experience improvement and advancement in their work during this period of Saturn Transit.
You are entering the last phase of Saturn’s ‘Sade Sathi’. Saturn is transiting to Libra, your 2nd house. 2nd house is not favorable but there will be some unexpected gains during this period. The gains are expected through a life partner and/or a business partner. Marriage plans should be avoided during this time. Students who practice sports will excel during this period of Saturn Transit.
You are currently under the influence of the seven and a half year Saturn period. In this transit, he occupies your own sign which is his exalted. This is period where you have to more careful with your health and finances. There will be ups and downs, so make investments carefully. You can expect a good relationship with your life partner, if you act sensibly during this period. You will gain power in order to tackle issues effectively as they arise during this period.
Saturn’s transit to Libra, the 12th house starts your journey through the 7-1/2 years of Saturn period (“Sade Sati”). You need not panic about the next 7-1/2 years of Saturn. Finances will be tight. Medical expenses are also indicated during this time. Receiving guests and paying for expenses related to events and hospitality will be more likely during this period of Saturn Transit. There may be some obstacles in ventures regarding profession during this period.
Until this transit you were experiencing official and professional troubles due to Saturn’s transit through Virgo, the 10th house. Now it is time for you to relax. Saturn will be transiting Libra, the 11th house from your Moon sign. Generally, the 11th house is the house of profit. Saturn has to ensure your good health during this period. Children will bring happiness. Their attempts to gain advantageous employment will be fruitful. Your ventures will bring success during this period.
This transit will make an impact on the profession or career. There may be some obstacles in ventures regarding profession during this period. There may be delays getting things done according to plan. A possibility exists of being slandered in your profession due to ill intentions. Be vigilant in executing your duties properly. You will have enough strength to face these kinds of problems during this period. Caution is the watchword during this phase.
The 9th house is also not favorable for Saturn’s transition. However, it will be better than the 8th house transit.  You may see some development in business but it will be unremarkable. There may be delays in getting approval or permission from an agency or the government but finally you will get what you require. There may be some delays finalizing travel plans. This transit indicates obstacles for long journeys. Students will be interested in doing social service during this period.
8th House transit is generally not good and may cause some sort of loss. You may have to take care of your health and medical expenses are possible during this period. Get early medical advice if it is required. You should take more care in keeping valuables safe during this period. There may be tendency to indulge in negative activities. Getting finances for business purposes may become difficult. Don’t make any hasty decisions.

Timing of Marriage

8 Nov
                                                        Om Gurubyo Namaha

Timing of Marriage

I have been asked by many people to write about timing of marriage of an individual using the common tools, namely, Dasha & Bhukti and Transit of planets. This is an outline on this subject and details are available in various classical texts.
When we receive a horoscope for determination of time of marriage we have to see under what classification the individual falls. In olden days the girls were married at a tender age of 12 – 14 years which was considered normal. But in today’s context we have to rewrite this classification and with my experience I would define these categories as follows:
1. Early Marriage – Before 22 years
2. Normal Marriage – 23 to 26 years
3. Late Marriage – 27 to 30 years
4. Delayed Marriage – 31 to 33 years
5. Denial of Marriage –34 years & beyond
I shall enumerate certain important combinations in the chart which points to above categories. These combinations are only significant ones and students are advised to do their own research by referring to classical texts.
Early Marriage1. Venus in Lagna/ 7th house2. Venus in own house /exalted, 7th Lord in a benefic sign

3. Venus + Mars combination in 7th house

4. Lagna Lord in 7th and 7th Lord in Kendra

5. Lagna Lord + 7th Lord in Lagna

6. Venus in 6th house with either Sun or Mars.

7. Lagna Lord closer to 7th House

Normal Marriage

1. The Lagna / Lagna Lord, 7th House / 7th Lord, Venus & Moon should be clear of malefic influence.

2. Venus & 7th Lord occupy good Navamsha sign.

Late Marriage

1. Saturn in Lagna / 7th House.

2. Saturn aspect on Lagna / 7th House /Lagna Lord / 7th Lord

3. Saturn influence on Venus/Rahu/Moon

4. Venus occupying Mars /Saturn Navamsha.

Delayed Marriage

1. Saturn + Mars in Lagna / 7th House or their influence on Lagna Lord / 7th Lord and Lagna & 7th House.

2. Venus and Moon afflicted by Saturn and Mars

3. 7th House / 7th Lord afflicted with malefics without any benefic aspect.

4. Venus in Papakartari Yoga

5. Venus in 8th House

Denial of Marriage

1. Venus in 8th House with Mercury / Saturn

2. Venus debilitated both in Rashi & Navamsha.

3. Lagna /7th House and their Lords in fixed signs & Moon in moveable sign.

4. Venus combust, debilitated and in Papakartari Yoga

5. Malefics in Lagna, 7th &12th House with waning Moon in 5th House.

6. Affliction of 2nd / 7th House and planets posited in fixed signs.

7. Lagna Lord, 7th Lord and Venus posited in Saturn Navamsha.

8. Natural Karakas for marriage, namely, Venus, Moon & Rahu are all highly afflicted.

9. If Venus in seventh House or the Seventh Lord or the Lagna Lord of Navamsha is all afflicted then one can say that it amounts to no marriage. It would rather be better if such a person’s does not marry.

Note: The combinations enumerated above are pri·ma fa·cie indicators and should not be taken as conclusive. We have to take into consideration other factors, such as, Shadbala, Avasthas, Yogas operating at that time and dispositors of karaka planets. For example, a debilitated Saturn may push the category up from delayed to late marriage and an exalted Saturn may bring down the category from late to delayed marriage.

Timing of Marriage using Navamsha Chart
  • Navamsha Lagna Lord in Kendra – early marriage
  • Navamsha Lagna Lord in Trikona –slight delay but will get married in time.
  • Navamsha Lagna Lord in Dusthana, spoilt by malefics like Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu – Marriage beyond 30 years.
  • Navamsha Lagna Lord is extremely spoilt – Denial of marriage.
  • Navamsha Lagna Lord in 7th House, 7th Lord in 12th House – marriage in 23rd or 26th years of age.
  • 8th House of Rashi chart is 7th House of Navamsha, Venus in Navamsha Lagna, marriage in 25th or 33rd years of age.
  • If Venus in seventh House or the Seventh Lord or the Lagna Lord of Navamsha is all afflicted then one can say that it amounts to no marriage. It would rather be better if such a person’s does not marry.
Dasha & BhuktiThe individual (during marriageable age) may get married during following conditions.
  • Dasha of 7th Lord, planets occupying 7th house, planets aspecting 7th house
  • Dasha of dispositor of 7th Lord, Lord of Navamsha occupied by 7th Lord
  • Dasha of natural karakas, namely, Venus, Rahu & Moon
  • Dasha of Lagna Lord and Bhukti of 7th Lord.
  • Dasha / Bhukti of 2nd Lord
  • Dasha of planets with 7th Lord / aspecting 7th Lord  
  • Add Longitude of Lagna Lord and 7th Lord. When Jupiter transits this point / its trine/7th from it, marriage is likely.
  • Add Longitudes of Janma Nakshatra Lord and 7th Lord. When Jupiter transits this point /its trine, marriage is likely.
  • Jupiter transits / aspects the Rashi occupied by Navamsha dispositor of Lagna Lord.
  • Lagna Lord transit of 7th House
  • Male gets married when Jupiter transits natal Venus or its dispositor or their trines.
  • Female gets married when Venus transits natal Mars or its dispositor or their trines.
  • Astakavarga system gives many transits indicating marriage.
Double Transit Method
Many modern astrologers have done research, notably Sri. KN Rao, who have formulated a theory that marriage can be predicted using the transit of two important planets namely, Saturn and Jupiter, supplemented by transits of Mars and Moon to narrow the window of marriage. We all know that nothing good in life can take place without the blessings of Jupiter and Saturn and marriage is one such event. The conditions postulated are as follows:
  • Transit Saturn should aspect Lagna Lord and / or 7th House
  • Transit Jupiter should aspect 7th Lord and / or Lagna
  • Saturn and Jupiter can reverse their role.
  • Mars and Moon meeting above conditions will narrow the timing to month / days.
  • Maximum conditions must be fulfilled.
Please note that the conditions specified above may occur many times in an individual’s life but after ascertaining his classification for marriage, consider the nearest to that age.I have used this method and am confidant to state that it gives fairly accurate results, while I have come across people who are not convinced about this method. I do not wish to get into any dialogue on this issue and leave the choice to the readers.Remember that any transit prediction arrived at has to be corroborated by Dasha & Bhukti running at that time. If they are at variance, then Dasha & Bhukti prediction will prevail.
Love Marriage
This is a question which crops up time and again. Look for intense connection of 5th Lord, 7th Lord & 9th Lord either by conjunction or aspects. This condition has to be met even though many other combinations have been postulated. Rahu’s involvement with Lagna or 7th House indicates inter caste marriage.
Over a period of time, I have done extensive study of many horoscopes and have arrived at the points enumerated in this article. Inputs from classics and reference books by learned astrologers have also helped me immensely. I have been fortunate to have had a meaningful dialogue with many renowned astrologers on this subject and that has also given me several inputs. The point discussed here are no means exhaustive and I would urge the students to do more research and the following books may be used as reference.
Brihat Parashara Hora ShastraHow to Judge a Horoscope Volume II – 7th House by Dr BV Raman

Ashtakavarga by Dr BV Raman

Books & Articles by Sri KN Rao on Double Transit Method

Practical Vedic Astrology by Sri GS Agarwal

Jyothirgannadi by Ramakantha (Kannada Classic)

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