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Pushkara Navamsha and Pushkara Bhaga

26 Jul
Pushkara Navamsha
Push means to boost / nourish and Kara means who does or what causes. Pushkara is a special energy that nourishes. Navamsha is the most important Varga. Planet positions in their Navamsha finally decide whether they are strong or weak in the chart. Therefore Pushkara Navamshas become very important. They are specific areas in charts that nourish and give planets the capacity to fortify themselves. This special Navamsha allow the personality to flourish and its qualities become replenished. It is always the Navamsha ruled by the same signs within the same elements that become Pushkara.
                    Pushkara Navamsha Table by Signs and Elements

Elements Signs

Pushkara °s

Pushkara Navamsha

Fire : Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

20° to 23° 20′

26° 40′ to 30°



Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

06° 40′ to 10°

13° 20′ to 16° 40′



Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

16° 40′ to 20°

23° 20′ to 26° 40′



Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

0° to 03° 20′

06° 40′ to 10°



Pushkara Navamsha can be classified through Nakshatras Padas as follows:

3rd Pada Libra of Venus Nakshatras- Bharani, Purva Phalguni, Purva Ashada
1st Pada Sagittarius and 4th Pada Pisces of Sun Nakshatras- Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Ashada
2nd Pada Taurus of Moon Nakshatras- Rohini, Hasta, Shravana
4th Pada Pisces of Rahu Nakshatra- Ardra, Swati and Satabhisha
2nd Pada Taurus and 4th Pada Cancer of Jupiter Nakshatras- Punarvasu, Visakha, Purva Bhadra
2nd Pada Virgo of Saturn Nakshatra- Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara Bhadra
Note: The following do not have Pushkara Navamsha
Ketu Nakshatras (Ashwini, Magha and Mula)
Mars Nakshatra (Mrigasira, Chitra and Dhanista)
Mercury Nakshatras (Aslesha, Jyeshta and Revati).
Important Observations:
  • While there are two Pushkara in each sign, they do not fall in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius Navamshas
  • Aries, Gemini, Leo and Aquarius are male signs and their Navamsha may use up all the energy available to them to regenerate the planetary qualities.
  • Scorpio and Capricorn are female signs but these are complex areas within signs. Scorpio creates sudden transformation and Capricorn makes planet feel much burdened, even if they are well placed.
  • The rulerships of the Navamshas are by benefic planets.
  • Jupiter and Venus rules nine Pushkara each, one in fire, earth and air elements, whereas Moon and Mercury rule one each in Water elements.
 Pushkara Bhaga
Pushkara Bhagas are specific degrees where planets become auspicious to do good. The exact degree becomes very powerful agent for being positive, whereas the Navamsha is still powerful but not as intense as the degree.
Jataka Parijata, Adhyaya 1 Shloka 58 gives the following degrees:
21º Aries (Libra Navamsha)
19º Leo (Virgo Navamsha)
23º Sagittarius (Libra Navamsha)
These three fall in Venus Nakshatras and Fire signs
14º Taurus (Taurus Navamsha and Vargottama- Moon Nakshatra),
9º Virgo (Pisces Navamsha- Sun Nakshatra),
14º Capricorn (Taurus Navamsha- Moon Nakshatra)
Above Three are in Earth signs
18º Gemini (Pisces Navamsha- Rahu Nakshatra),
24º Libra (Taurus Navamsha- Jupiter Nakshatra),
19º Aquarius (Pisces Navamsha- Rahu Nakshatra)
Above three are  in Air signs
8º Cancer (Virgo Navamsha)
11º Scorpio (Libra Navamsha),
9º Pisces (Virgo Navamsha)
Above three are in Saturn Nakshatras and Water signs
Note: Pushkara Bhagas are not found in Ketu, Mars and Mercury Nakshatras
 Uses of Pushkara Navamsha and Pushkara Bhaga
 Jataka Parijata says that Pushkara should be used in Natal, Mahurtha and Prashna scenarios.
  • Lagna, Lagna lord, and 10th lords in Pushkara give great strength and good luck to the birth chart. More planets in Pushkara, the stronger the chart.
  • Any planet / planets in PN or PB strengthen the chart. Lagna Lord in PN/PB will elevate the whole chart whereas the Karaka of a particular House will boost that House.
  • If the Dasha lord is in Pushkara or the lord of Bhava Madhya that are Pushkara, it will give special results in relationship to its significations.
  • Yogakaraka and Yogas formed in Pushkara will give excellent results during their periods.
  • Planet in an exact degree becomes much stronger. If you have Sun exalted in 21º Aries, it is in Pushkara Navamsha and Bhaga. But this is also the debilitated Navamsha of the Sun. Pushkara will make Sun strong instead of weak.
  • If Lagna lord is Pushkara in your partner’s chart or vice versa means that you have the ability to understand each other and your marriage will be fulfilling and lasting. The karakas Venus and Jupiter in Pushkara degrees help make partnerships good.
  • If a woman has Jupiter in Pushkara, then she will have good partner and children.
  • Planets transiting Pushkaras generally give good results or will reduce their malefic effects if adversely placed.
  • There are 24 Pushkara Navamsha and 12 Pushkara Bhagas. Therefore every hour a Pushkara Navamsha rises and every two hours a Pushkara Bhaga rises.
  • When you need to find an auspicious time, you can chose a Pushkara Navamsha or a Pushkara Bhaga. Some degrees reflect both the Navamsha and degree of Pushkara. In Taurus, the Pushkara Navamsha and the degree are Vargottama; therefore that particular position is extremely strong.
  • While planning a Mahurtha, it would be good to choose a Pushkara degree or Navamsha rising. This protects the chart and enhances its benefic quality.
  • To have the benefic planets, Lagna lord, 9th Lord, 5th Lord as well as the Lord of the house for which you are performing the Mahurtha to be in Pushkara Navamsha will further fortify the chart.
  • If the Prashna ascendant falls in Pushkara or the Karaka for question falls in Pushkara, there will be a positive answer.
  • If the Karaka for the question is placed in an evil House, namely 8th House even though in a Pushkara Navamsha, we may predict that the objective will not be achieved.
  • Since it is a Pushkara Navamsha, there are some underlying factors that will make this negative aspect positive and we may interpret that the objective will be achieved but with difficulty.
 Author’s Note
In Classical texts there is very little information on this subject and Jataka Parijata and Chandra Kala Nadi dwell somewhat in a concise manner. Sri CS Patel’s book ‘Navamsha and Nadi Astrology’ gives different Pushkara Bhagas than what is in Jataka Parijata. I use only the latter and hence CS Patel’s version is not given. Students can refer the book for more information. Ms Komilla Sutton has done extensive research on this subject and many aspects described above are credited to her. Students can access her research papers Pushkara Navamsha and Pushkara Bhaga Part I and II for some more information.
 Always remember Pushkara Navamsha is 3°20′ arc of a sign while Pushkara Bhaga is a specific point in space or specific degree in a sign.