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February Panchanga

14 Feb

February 2011 – Monthly Panchanga
Vikruthi Samvatsara – Uttarayana
Shishir Ritu – Pushya / Magha Masa

Important events for the month of February is appended below for information and guidance

02 Feb 2011

  • New Moon

10 Feb 2011

  • Ratasapthami

13 Feb 2011

  • Sun enters Aquarius. Sun is good in 3,6,10 & 11 from natal Moon.

15 Feb 2011

  • Mars enters Aquarius. Mars is good in 3,6 & 10 from natal Moon
  • Mahapradosha

17 Feb 2011

  • Satyanarayana Pooja

18 Feb 2011

  • o Full Moon
  • Mercury enters Aquarius. Mercury is good in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 11 from natal Moon

21 Feb 2011

  • Sankasta Chaturthi

24 Feb 2011

  • Venus enters Capricorn. Venus is good in all places except 6 &10 from natal Moon.

Authority: Vontikoppal Panchanga, Mysore
Default Time & Location: 0800 hrs IST at Bengaluru
Disclaimer: This Almanac is published as an advisory only. Individuals are requested to use their Free will / discretion and consequently the author is not responsible for any damage / loss suffered by them.

Harivasara / Haripada Punyakala

14 Feb

Haripada Punya Kala: The Day for Prosperity and Happiness –   February 13th

    Haripada Punya Kala: The Day of Vishnu’s Benevolence

Haripada Punya Kala is the day when Lord Vishnu performed miracles for the universe and is also the day when Vishnu’s infinite compassion flows freer than usual. Lord Vishnu is the maintainer of life and the entire cosmic creation and accessing Vishnu on this powerful day will bless you with Prosperity and Happiness.

    February 13th is Double Vishnu Time!

Haripada Punya Kala is always marked by the Sun’s transit into a fixed sign. The Sun enters the sign of Aquarius on February 13th – this transit is what makes it a ‘Double Vishnu’ time is that this transit occurs on the same day as Ekadasi or the 11th Moon, which is another very good time to access Vishnu’s energy and to worship Him.

    More about this unique Haripada Punya Kala Transit

• Sun, the lord of the natural 5th house, enters Aquarius, which is the 11th house means that this placement will bring about eternal joy and material prosperity.
• The Sun gives a 7th house aspect to its own sign Leo which means that this placement will bring about happiness within the family.
Other planetary placements that add significance for open access to the energy and blessings of Vishnu: Ketu will be in Gemini, Saturn in Virgo, all other planets except for Moon are in between Sagittarius and Pisces in a row, Sun in between an exalted Mars and Jupiter in its own sign of Pisces adds greater strength to the Sun’s position.

Haripada Punya Kala occurs only 4 times per year when the Sun enters a ‘fixed’ sign. Interestingly, according to Vedic time cycle, each Haripada Punya Kala has a unique celestial configuration which repeats every 60 years. Each unique celestial configuration lends itself for a specific benefit to