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19 May

Om Gurubyo Namaha

Drekkana / Dreshkana / Decante

In Vedic Astrology it is referred as  Drekkana /Dreshkana (mostly Drekkana) and is 1/3 of a sign equal to 10 degrees: there are three Drekkana in each sign. Drekkana holds an important position in divisional charts. Various ancient and classical texts have mentioned different methods of calculating Drekkana. Generally known Drekkana (D3) are as follows:-

1. Parashara Drekkana

2. Jagannath Drekkana

3. Somanath Drekkana

4. Privritti-traya Drekkana

Parashara Drekkana: This is the most commonly used Drekkana in Vedic astrology. In fact when you read about Drekkana anywhere without specific reference then it is understood that it this Drekkana. Parashara Drekkana is used to know about the sibling of a person and analyzing all matters related to co-borns

Jagannath Drekkana: This Drekkana reflects karma of previous life of a person.  D-60 must be analysed along with it.

Somnath Drekkana: Somnath Drekkana is used to know about the sexual drive of a person and describes the attitude of a person towards the sexual matters and his libido. This is generally used in Prashna Jyothisha

Privritti-traya Drekkana: This chart is used to see the drives and initiatives that the person apply to achieve his goals. This is generally used in Prashna Jyothisha

Parashara Drekkana

Generally the first Drekkana of any sign is ruled by the owning planet, second Drekkana by the 5th lord and the third Drekkana by the 9th lord. For example, the first Drekkana of Aries is ruled by Mars, the second Drekkana is owned by Sun and the third Drekkana is owned by Jupiter.

Sage Parashara named three sages as lords of three Drekkana of each sign as follows:-

For Movable Signs:  Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn – Narada, Aghastya and Durvaasa

For Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius – Aghastya, Durvaasa and Narada

For Dual Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces- Durvaasa, Narada & Aghastya

Significance of Lordship

Narada Muni was known for his ‘Bhakti’ (Devotion) to the Supreme Lord. Bhakti is the prime necessity of the soul; therefore Narada might represent the Atma, or the soul. Aghastya Muni is associated with mind in many places in the Vedas. Durvaasa Muni was famous for his efforts to control his senses, therefore he represents the Indriyas, or senses. So we might say that the three Drekkanas of the signs may refer to the soul, the mind and the senses.

Parashara states that the Drekkana Chart should be used to analyze relationship with siblings, or co-borns. We might conclude that the planets in the Drekkanas ruled by Narada would denote the spiritual/karmic relations to the native’s brothers. Those in the Drekkanas ruled by Aghastya would signify the mental/psychological effects from brothers, and those in the Drekkanas ruled by Durvaasa would refer to the sensual/physical comfort or discomfort caused by the brothers and sisters.

General use of Drekkana

Apart from its use to analyse the information related to the co-borns / siblings, Drekkana is also used for following purposes

  • In the context of Lost Horoscopy when the time of birth or time of conception is unknown, through horary method the lost birth details can be traced. The effects of ten divisions (Dashavarga) will help to arrive at the natal Ascendant.
  • Drekkana of your ascendant gives an insight into your personality, behaviour and other important attributes.
  • Details of all 36 Drekkana covering 12 signs are available in Chapter 50 of Kalyana Varma’s ‘Saravali’
  • 22nd Drekkana is called Khara and its lord is known as Kharesh.22nd Drekkana is considered one of the first-ranked malefic planet for the native and gives clue to his death.
  • The effects / nature of death for each Drekkana for 12 signs are explained in Chapter 47 titled ‘Aphorisms  of death ‘in Kalyana Varma’s ‘Saravali”
  • Drekkanas have an important role in Prashna astrology, especially Medical Astrology.
  • The classical work on Prashna astrology “Krishneeyam” gives details of methods of using Drekkana significations in horary astrology.

Method of calculating 22nd Drekkana

There are 36 Drekkanas; 3 for each of the 12 Rashis. From the Lagna Drekkana in your horoscope, count successively till the 22nd Drekkana. For example if your Lagna is in the first 10 degrees you are born in the first Drekkana. From that count the number of Drekkanas for each Rashi. So, in this case, the 22nd Drekkana will be the 1st Drekkana of the 8th house for your horoscope; if your birth in the second Drekkana i.e. between 10 and 20 deg. of a sign, the 22nd Drekkana will fall in the 2nd Drekkana of the 8th sign; if your birth is in the third Drekkana, the 22nd Drekkana will be in the 3rd Drekkana of the 8th sign from your Lagna. The 22nd Drekkana is also called the “Niryaana Drekkana”

There are various methods of counting 22nd Drekkana, but a  short cut technique is to look  for the lord of 8th house in D-3. That planet would be lord of 22nd Drekkana for your chart.

Notes on 22nd Drekkana

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra states that in natal astrology, the nature of the 22nd Drekkana indicates the source/ manner of death. In general condition when Longevity is not at its end, it is concerned with bodily discomfort and health matters.

Some of the special effects are as follows:

  • Occupation of natural malefic in 22nd Drekkana, in Rashi, reduces the potential of the chart up to a great extent.
  •  Ayudha Drekkana indicates injury with weapons as cause of death / accidents.
  • Sarpa Drekkana  mean danger from poisonous reptiles that could be life threatening.
  • Dasha/Bhukti of lord of 22nd Drekkana generally afflicts native’s health and yield mental agony, when devoid of benefic aspects. If the concerned planet is also a natural malefic and posited in malefic Rashi then intensity of evil would definitely be higher than expected.
  • Whenever lord of Lagna transits the 22nd Drekkana, loss, bodily discomfort, grief and quarrel will result.
  • Similarly, transit of lord of 22nd Drekkana in ascendant produces trouble regarding significance of 1st house.
  • Like ascendant, obtain 22nd Drekkanas of other planets specially Moon and Sun. Transit of that planet into respective 22nd Drekkana always mar the significance of planet transited.
  • Avoid starting any new task when your luminaries are transiting their 22nd Drekkana or/and Kharesh moving over Sun or Moon.

General points

  • If the Lagna Drekkana is Pasha Drekkana, then the native may experience bondage/ incarceration.
  • If the birth is in Chatushpada Drekkana (quadruped Drekkana) or if
    the 7th lord is in the Chatushpada Drekkana, then the sexual activity of
    the native will resemble that of a quadruped.
  • This has been explained in detail in various classics including Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Sarvartha Chintamani and Saravali.
  • Details about Sarpa, Ayudha, Pakshi, Pasha, Nigala and Chatushpada Drekkanas can be found in Chapter XII, ’Concerning Eight House’ in ‘How to Judge a Horoscope – Volume Two’ by Sri BV Raman

Western Connection

 Western astrology uses Decante technically identical to Jagannath Drekkana, in order to assess native’s character. Among Sun, Moon and Ascendant if all three or two fall into Decante of malefic planets then the native would be evil minded, sinner and wrathful. If trend is mixed then native will be lazy, back biter and ill-behaved. But if all three (among Sun, Moon and Ascendant) rises in benefic Decante (and their lord of Decante are also powerful) then native would be blessed, intelligent, soft spoken and successful.

Author’s Note

I generally use Parashara Drekkana only and therefore have not elaborated on the other three Drekkanas. Those interested in Jagannath Drekkana, Somnath Drekkana and Privritti-traya Drekkana may do their own research.