Jupiter’s Transit into Cancer

18 Jun

Gurubyo Namaha

Jupiter’s Transit into Cancer

Jupiter is transiting from Gemini to Cancer on 19th June 2014 and it will remain in Cancer for about a year, till 14th July 2015 to be precise. During this period Jupiter will be in his house of Exaltation. Jupiter is also known as “Lord of the Fortune” and in Vedic Astrology it is considered as a Shubha or a benefic planet and powerful amongst all the planets. He is capable of warding off the evil results and bestowing prosperity and contentment to the native. Jupiter is Guru or Teacher of Devatas and been conferred the title of “Devaguru”.
Jupiter takes about 12 years to complete cycle of 12 zodiac signs. It stays for about a year in each sign. Whenever Jupiter moves in to 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th houses from the Janmarashi it gives good results. We can say that the native has Gurubala. Just as the guru removes the problems of the devotees, the planet Guru brings fortune for most people across the board. The placement of Guru in the 9th house is extremely beneficial. The person with a 9th House Guru will overcome all problems and become successful in a miraculous way.
Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, and its symbolism bears this out. Jupiter is the principle of expansion: expanding the mind to super conscious realms and philosophy, expanding our physical horizons through long journeys, and expanding the physical body through putting on weight (or just plain being large).
Jupiter is a planet of manifestation. If well placed by sign or house or well aspected it can signify subtle understanding of life’s deeper principles, learning through travel or higher education, general good fortune or luck, and material abundance. If poorly placed or afflicted it symbolizes indiscriminate sensuality, self-indulgence, wastefulness, greed, avarice, and wanderers. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces where it embodies all the planet’s positive aspects, and is exalted in Cancer where it expands the nurturing, mothering principle.
Jupiter is the significator for wealth, children, education, religion, prosperity, fame, gain, good marital order, providential help, political power, good luck, finances and long journeys. As regards health, Jupiter rules: blood, liver, arteries, thighs, neck, weight problems, diabetes, cataract, intoxication, biliousness and cholesterol.

Jupiter transits only once every year and will move into Cancer on 19th June 2014.The following is generally what is going to happen for each of your Moon signs (Janmarashi)

Aries – Jupiter in your 4th House
False allegations, Quarrels and disputes with relatives. Unfavorable to father. Expenditure towards children health. Ailment in the chest or breast. Litigation in property. Possibilities of meeting with accident. Strong divine faith. Misunderstanding between the spouses. Caution while undertaking journeys
Taurus – Jupiter in your 3rd House
Short journeys enable Spiritual experiences. Help from siblings. Compromise in disputes. Health problems to elders. Depressions, Unexpected transfers. Partition of property which would lead to disputes. Medical expenses to Mother. Ailment in the right ear. Tend to lose interest in pleasures and comforts. Proper sleep and good food habits would help in maintaining good health.
Gemini – Jupiter in 2nd House
Gain of wealth. Spending money for meritorious deeds (donations).New responsibilities. Positive turning point in routine life. Taking care of others. Steadiness of mind. Profits through selling and buying of commodities. Fortune. Recovery from ailments.
Cancer – Jupiter in 1st House
Health problems. Lack of money. Debts. Solitude.Happiness due to children. New good friendship, Divine support, outstation / overseas business travel fruitful. Divine guidance. 
Leo – Jupiter in 12th House
Confession to previously committed errors. Auspicious expenses. Spiritual aversion. Losses. Obstacles in all endeavors. Undesirable and problems due to change of place. Troubles in profession. Penury. Chances of regaining the lost position and status. Do not get involved in arguments.
Virgo – Jupiter in 11th House
Gain in position. Expansion of Business. Increase in number of friends. Even enemy turns to be a friend. Benefit from brother in law. Regaining lost things. Good news. Honors. Fulfillments of desires. Good profit in all undertakings. Good understanding in the family.
Libra – Jupiter in 10th House
Ill fame in profession. Spiritual deeds. Gains through contacts. Good rapport with statesmen. Ailment in the back bone. Fortune to father. You may not able to accumulate money.
Scorpio – Jupiter in your 9th House
Good fortune. Pilgrimage. Charitable deeds. Good circulation of money. Affluence.
Sagittarius – Jupiter in your 8th House
You should exercise caution in your utterances and in your social activities. You should exercise honesty in your profession. Gain through bonds. Monetary gain due to pledging or Mortgaging properties. Ailment in the excretory system. Accidents. Financial gain to spouse which would lead to misunderstanding in the family. Loss of reputation due to corruption. Students need to put in hard work.
Capricorn – Jupiter in your 7th House
Auspicious deeds in the house like marriage in the family. Good comforts. Pleasurable journeys. Entertainments. Success in litigation. New ventures. Excel in public relations. Success in profession.
Aquarius – Jupiter in your 6th House
Inflow of income will be less. Poor business prospects. More care towards Mothers health. Extensive trading. More Dedication towards work. Sanction of loans and overdraft facility. Will get faithful servants.Sorrow. Misunderstanding with partner. Loss of valuables.
Pisces – Jupiter in your 5th House
Enthusiastic. Gain of wealth. Spiritual initiation. Gains in Speculation. Firm Dignity. Gains from paternal property. Transfer (place) in Job. Honors. Win over enemies. Possibilities of misunderstanding between husband and wife. Blessings of Saintly people.
While interpreting the result of the transit, the following points must be borne in mind.
 Reference Point
The reference or starting point is the Janmarashi or the sign in which the Moon is posited in the natal chart. There are many astrologers who advocate interpretation with reference to Lagna or Ascendant but the classical texts recommend using Janmarashi only.
Lordship of Jupiter in Natal Chart:
It is important that we should identify the lordship of Jupiter in the natal chart before we set out to make any predictions. For example, for a native whose Ascendant is Pisces and Janmarashi is Capricorn, June 2014 transit should be interpreted to give specific results pertaining to the Karakatwa of First House and Tenth House apart from the general prediction given above of Jupiter being in the 7th house during transit.
Dasha and Bhukti:
Whatever interpretation we arrive at using above method must be corroborated by the Dasha and Bhukti currently running for the native. If the Dasha and Bhukti is not favourable then the results thus predicted may not come true.
Author’s Note:
The transit interpretation though appears very simple; it involves in-depth analysis of afflictions, retrogression and ownership of Dusthanas / Bad Houses of Jupiter in natal chart as well as Veda (Obstruction) to Jupiter in Transit and the result obtained from the transit of other powerful planet, namely Saturn. Notwithstanding all these, Jupiter being the most benefic planet will normally not harm any native unless he is highly afflicted. As stated earlier Jupiter is the promoter par excellence, and we wish that all mankind receive his blessings for peace and harmony.

3 Responses to “Jupiter’s Transit into Cancer”

  1. Rajan T.S.N June 19, 2014 at 05:22 #

    Thank you guruji. excellent hints. Please enlighten world affairs of Jupiter transit.
    Regards and respects
    Rajan T.S.N

    • Jyothishi June 19, 2014 at 19:49 #

      Thanks. I do not do Mundane astrology.


  2. Jyothishi June 30, 2014 at 19:33 #

    What is discussed in the article is the traditional / classic method as described in BPHS and Phaladeepika. As per this Jupiter is good in 2,5,7,9 and 11 from Janma Rashi.

    What you have stated is entirely different method of interpretation called ‘Moorthi Nirnaya’, generally followed in North India.

    These two are totally different and should not be mixed up. It is your choice whether to follow the traditional method or what you have stated.

    No where it is mentioned that the results obtained are same. For your information there is a calendar (Panchanga) based on Jupiter movement (Brihaspatiman) like what we have Solar / Lunar based, which is prevalent in North India and they generally use the ‘Moorthi Nirnaya’ method.

    My article on Moorthi Nirnaya makes this amply clear.


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