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Prashna of Lost Person / Traveller

22 Sep

Prashna of Lost Person / Traveller

I have been asked by many to write in simple way, the methodology of answering question related to a lost person / traveller using Prashna Shastra. I presume that the readers are already aware of the basics of Prashna Shastra and hence this article addressees advance students.
Before you attempt this method I would advise all students to refer /study and assimilate the information from the following books:
  • Shatpanchashika by Prithuyshas
  • Prasna Marga by Bhattopala
  • Saravali by Kalyan Varma
  • Sri Neelakanta’s Prasna Tantra  translated by DR BV Raman
  • Tajaka Nilakanthi by Neelakantha.
  • Chappanna or Prashnasastra Horary Astrology by Suryanarain Rao
  • Practical Horary Astrology by Smt Gayatri Devi Vasudeva
You should also be familiar with certain astrological terms / yogas before we proceed further.


It is the range of an aspecting planet, the orb within which the aspect of a planet can be effective. The 7th house aspect of a planet means its influence on the 7th house from where the planet is situated. It implies transference to the entire range of 30 Deg of the house. In actual practice, it is not so. A planet placed towards the end of a sign does not effectively aspect a planet located towards the beginning of the seventh sign from it, though it is generally stated to be doing so. Deeptamsha indicates the area of maximum impact of an aspecting planet. It is 15 Deg for the Sun, 12 Deg for Moon, 8 Deg for Mars, 7 Deg for Mercury, 9 Deg for Jupiter, 7 Deg for Venus, and 9 Deg for Saturn. The area of maximum impact extends over 180 Deg ± Deeptamsha.

Ithashala Yoga

It is also known as Muthashila Yoga. A planetary combination considered in connection with Tajaka and Prashna Shastra. It is based on the relative motion of different planets. The order of planetary motion / speed is as follows: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Moon takes the shortest period in going round the Earth while Saturn takes the longest. When two planets are related in such a way in a house that the slow moving planet is ahead of the fast moving one, Ithashala Yoga is formed. This formation is effective only when both the planets are within their Deeptamsha, the orb. In this situation, the fast-moving planet transfers its influence to the slow-moving planet.

Kamboola Yoga

It is a planetary combination produced by Ithashala. It is a relationship between the lord of the ascendant and the lord of the 10th house, especially when one of them is associated with Moon.
The Kamboola Yoga is of 3 kinds, viz.
  • Shrestha (the best),
  • Madhyama (ordinary)
  • Adhama (the worst) depending upon the strength of the planets concerned.


Basic Concept

All the books state that the following houses denote certain aspect of the person.
  • Lagna – Lost person / traveller.
  • 4th House – Well being of the lost person / traveller.
  • 7th House – Return from abroad and difficulties faced.
  • 10th House – Passage and travel and their objectives.
The question regarding a lost person can be grouped under the following headings.
  • Safe and early return
  • Delayed return due to factors such as lost, illness, captivity, kidnapping etc.
  • Death / Non- return of the person.
  • Role of the Moon

Safe and early return

These are some of the combinations of Prashna Chart which denotes early and safe return.
  • All the planets are placed in the 2nd, 3rd and 5th houses.
  • Lagna Lord is in Muthashila with a planet in the Lagna or the 10th house.
  • Lagna lord occupying the 2nd or the 8th house and in Ithashala with a planet in the 10th House
  • Lagna Lord is in 3rd or the 9th and has Ithashala with a planet in Lagna.
  • Venus and the Jupiter in the 2nd, 3rd or the 5th house.
  • Any planet (benefic or a malefic) placed in 6th or 7th house and the Jupiter placed in a Kendra.
  • Mercury or Venus placed in a Trikona and benefics in Kendras.
  • Moon in the 8th house and the Kendras unafflicted.
  • Moon (unafflicted) in the 8th house and the benefics are in Kendras
  • Lagna Lord is retrograde and the Moon is in the ascendant and in Ithashala with a retrograde planet.
  • Moon is in Muthashila with Lagna Lord occupying the 12th House.
  • Benefic occupy the 2nd or the 3rd from Lagna or from the 4th or from the other benefic in the Prashna chart.
  • Any planet occupies the 6th or the 7th house, Jupiter in the Kendra and the Mercury and Venus in Trikona.
  • Sun, Mercury and Venus are in the 11th house.
  • The Lagna lord placed between 11th house to 4th house and benefics in Kendras.
  • Moon making Ithashala with a retro planet.
  • The Malefics in 3, 6, 11 houses and benefics in Kendras and Trikonas.


Delayed return

  • The Third house of Prashna chart having malefic and aspected by another malefic and no benefic aspect implies the traveller has shifted to some other place.
  • Prishthodaya sign rising in Lagna and Lagna aspected by Malefics indicates the confinement or murder of the lost person.
  • The traveller is in restrictions if malefic are in 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th house aspected by malefic.
  • The lost person has been beaten and imprisoned if malefic are in 7th or the 8th house.
  • When malefics are in the 7th and the 8th and in the ascendant the person in imprisonment will be released quickly. Malefic in Lagna gives favourable results in this Prashna.
  • If the Moon is in Kendra and is aspected or associated with Saturn he will have long suffering. If the Moon so is aspected or conjunct with Mars he will be beaten in cell.
  • If the lords of 3rd and 9th are benefics he will get early freedom.
  • When the Moon has Ithashala with the lord of 3rd or 9th occupying a Kendra there will also be early release.
  •  As long as a strong Venus is in Lagna the authorities will be able to hold the person in custody, but after the Venus leaves the sign in transit the person may get freedom.
  • If the lord of Lagna is in the 4th or the 7th or is in Muthashila with the lord of the 7th the person returns with much difficulty.
  • An afflicted Saturn or Mars in 8th house shows fear of violence or suffering the traveller is being subjected to.
  • The Malefics are in Kendras the traveller has been looted on the way.
  • The placement of Sun and Moon in the 8th house, aspected by Saturn, there is risk of traveller being subjected to hurt by some weapon and if by Mars than by a fire arm.


Death or non-return

  • When the lords of the Kendra are in Kendras the imprisoned person will not be released.
  • If the lord of the Lagna is combust, occupies the 4th house and is aspected by the Mars the person dies.
  • If the Moon is in association with a malefic occupying the 4th house or is with the lord of the 8th house the person will die in prison.
  • If the Lagna lord is in Muthashila with a planet in a Kendra and the Lagna is unaspected, the person will never return.
  • The traveller should be deemed to have been dead if the ascendant is a Prishthodaya sign aspected by malefic and devoid of benefic aspects and the 6th house is occupied by Mercury afflicted by malefic.
  • An afflicted Saturn devoid of benefic aspects in the 9th or the 8th the traveller suffers from illness, or dies in a foreign place.

Miscellaneous combinations / Role of the Moon


  • Connection of Moon and Venus with 7th house then the lost person is happy where ever he is and will not return.
  • The Moon in 7th house without affliction the person is on his way back.
  • The Moon in 8th house and the benefics in Kendras, he will return with gains.
  • The Moon in 8th house and malefics in Kendras, he will return with losses.
  • The Moon placed anywhere in Ithashala with a retro planet placed in 4th house shows major problem or death.
  • The Moon in Movable Rashi in Movable Navamsha and in Lagna or in 4th house shows early return.
  • Benefics in 7th house the person is safe.
  • Malefics in Lagna person is not safe but here they give strength to fight back
  •   in the 4th house immediate return.
  • The Moon in the 4th house person has already come back.
  • There should not be malefic dominance in 6th, 7th, 8th houses for welfare of lost person.
  • Shubha Kartari around Lagna or the 7th house means the Traveller is happy where ever he is with his friends.
  • The Papa Kartari around Lagna, Moon or the 7th house or more malefic influence here the traveller does not come back.
  • If the Sun, Mercury, Venus or Jupiter any one of them is placed in the 12th house no travel or no return.
  • The Moon in the 10th house, no travel or no return.
  • Movable Lagna, movable Navamsha, benefic aspects, early and happy return.
  • Fixed Lagna, Movable Navamsha benefic aspects, delayed but happy return.
  • Fixed Lagna, Fix Navamsha benefic aspects, traveller is happy where ever he is.
  • Dual Lagna, the fixed and movable are first and last 15 degrees respectively. Rest will depend on the type of the aspects on it.


Use of Navamsha related to the time of return of lost person


  • Find the strongest planet in the horary chart and count the number of signs in which it is placed away from the Lagna. The traveler will return in so many months indicated by this number as per its placement in Navamsha chart.
  • If the strongest planet is posited in a Movable Navamsha (Mesha, Kataka, Thula, Makara), the time period is taken as indicated by the number.
  • If it be placed in a Fixed Navamsha, the time period is to be doubled.
  • If it is posited in a Dual Navamsha, the time period is to be trebled.

Author’s Note

 The combinations enumerated above are taken from various classics / books and in no way are the ultimate. I have endeavoured to make it simple and easy to understand.
Prashna interpretation is not as easy as it appears. You require a fair degree of intuition. Intuition or clairvoyance is not an inherent quality and has to be developed over a long period which requires dedication and sincerity.
Please be patient even if you do not get answers in the beginning. Practice is the key for successful interpretation. Keep at it and one day you will get your answers.