Sapthamsha (D-7)

13 Mar

Sapthamsha (D-7)

Sapthamsha is an expanded view of the 5th house in a Rashi Chart. From this chart we can get information about the native’s happiness from his children, grandchildren as also the disappointments faced from them.

30°of a sign is divided into 7 equal parts and each part will be 4°17´. For Aries it will start at Aries and ends at Libra. For Taurus, it will start at Scorpio and ends at Taurus and this cycle continues.

Basic Indicators

  1. If D-7 Lagna is an Odd Rashi and is associated with Benefics, the native will enjoy happiness from the son.
  2. If D-7 Lagna is an Even Rashi and associated with benefics, the native will enjoy happiness from the daughter.
  3. If D-7 Lagna is associated with Malefics, that native will have no issues and he will be distressed because of this.

Brothers and Sisters

Parashara has explained that from D-7 we can determine whether the native will have siblings and receive happiness from them

  1. If 3rd Lord in D-7 is associated with Malefics, the native will have no brothers and he will be the sole son.
  2. If 3rd Lord in D-7 is associated with Benefics, the native will have many brothers.
  3. If 3rd house in D-7 is occupied by male planets like Sun, Mars and Jupiter, the native will have younger brother.
  4. If 3rd house in D-7 is occupied by female planets like Moon, Venus and Mercury, the native will have younger sister.
  5. Sapthamsha Lagna Lord with Moon or other benefics will bestow brothers. They will prosper, will be courageous, and go-getters, intelligent, wealthy and well known in the society.
  6. The number of afflicted planets / debilitated planets in D-7 indicate that the native will have troubles from that many brothers.
  7. If D-7 Lagna Lord is exalted, the native will receive public recognition, be wealthy, prosper and be well known in the society.
  8. If 3rd house of D-7 is occupied by Sun, Mars and Jupiter, native will have authority, power, status and standing in society.
  9. If D-7 Lagna has female planets like Moon, Venus and Mercury, the native will have many female progeny.
  10. If D-7 has many exalted planets, native will be wealthy and prosperous.
  11. If D-7 has many debilitated planets, native will not prosper and will be in a deplorable condition.
  12. If D-7 Lagna Lord is a malefic and is in another malefic’ s house, the native will not prosper and will be bereft of wealth, progeny and status in life.
  13. If D-7 Lagna Lord is a benefic and is in a benefics house he will enjoy good progeny, wealth, and status and generally be happy in life.


Sapthamsha Karakatwas and Results

Sapthamsha details the native’s progeny, their progress and the happiness / distress the parents receive from their children. The seven Amshas of D-7 have been classified by Parashara as follows:

For Odd Rashis (D-1 Lagna in Odd Rashi)
1. Ksharaa (Caustic)

The parents will not enjoy happiness from their progeny and will face humiliation and distress.

2. Ksheera (Milk)

The native will have obedient and dutiful children and they will enhance parent’s prestige.

3. Dadhi (Curd)

Well behaved and beautiful children, they will bring happiness to their parents by their personality

4. Ajyaa (Ghee)

Children will be religious and they will bring prosperity to their parents by their conduct in society.

5. Ikshu (Sugar Cane)

Children will bring happiness / sweetness, contentment and stand behind their parents like a sugar cane.

6. Madhya (Liquor)

Fun loving and carefree children and they will bring happiness to their parents from their fun loving attitude.

7. Shuddha Jala (Pure Water)

Chaste conduct, pure minded and religious progeny. The will bring happiness from their pure mindedness but they will require protection from evil forces.

For Even Rashis (D-1 Lagna in an even Rashi)

The results will be in reverse order namely from 7 to 1.


Results of Lagna Lord

The planets which are the D-7 Lagna Lord gives an indication of type of progeny the native will have.


Heroic, courageous, powerful and stable minded persons. They will be engaged in good deeds.


Religious, philanthropic and of romantic nature.


Powerful, victorious and self-confident.


Soft spoken, poetic, good in fine arts, attractive, intelligent and good talkers.


Skillful, intelligent, well read, experts occupying high positions.


Happy go lucky, romantic, experts in music, fun loving and experts in sex.


Idiots, idlers and engaged in bad deeds.


Reference Book: ‘Varga Sameekshe’ (Kannada) by S Suryanarayana Rao











4 Responses to “Sapthamsha (D-7)”

  1. Kashi Astro March 13, 2018 at 21:38 #

    Sir, I am so happy to be knowing you. Thank you very much for all beautiful articles on astrology and monthly panchanga’s I have read of yours. I am happy to have served BJS where you are a trustee. Wish BJS goes global with people like you and Dr. KrishnaKumar in it at helm. Thank you once again.

    Thanks and Regards Kashinath -Jyotish Acharya


  2. Jay Bala March 13, 2018 at 22:32 #

    Thank you Sir for presenting an interesting analysis of Sapthamsha (D-7).

  3. Vinita Pande January 1, 2022 at 11:25 #

    Namaste Jyotishi ji – few clarifications:
    1. What are Malefics and Benefics. I searched your blog and internet before asking.
    2. I didn’t understand the section “Sapthamsha Karakatwas and Results” “The seven Amshas of D-7”. If the Lagna in D-7 is in Leo (5th sign) I guess that’s an odd Rasi. But what how do I find out what the Amshas of D-7 to refer to this list?
    Thanks so much for your blog! Very helpful.

    • Jyothishi January 1, 2022 at 18:02 #

      1. Natural Benefics and natural Malefics- Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon are Benefics while Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are Malefics.
      2. One Rashi 30° when divided by 7 gives 4° 17′ which is called one Amsha. If Lagna is 15° 10′ it is said to be in 4th Amsha. If the Lagna is Odd Rashi the result will be “Ajyaa” (Ghee). If it is even Rashi read from bottom.

      Hope this clear your doubt.


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