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How to read Dashamsha Chart (D-10)

23 Dec

How to read Dashamsha Chart (D-10)

This is a sequel to my earlier article on Profession.People are frequently asking me to look into their chart for their career graph, like promotion, increment, transfers etc. This is my endeavour to simplify the matter so that any individual can easily decode D-10.But this does not mean that you get all the details of your profession by D-10 alone and therefore you may still have to consult your astrologer for an in depth analysis.

The 10th House represents the ‘Karma’ or ‘Profession. Planets in 10th House, planets aspecting 10th House, 10th Lord and planets aspecting it and the Navamsha dispositor of 10th Lord decide your profession. The nature and Tatwa of the sign of 10th House also gives us a clue about profession. Karakamsha (Navamsha of Atma Karaka) also gives us some information. Similarly, understanding the nature of planets which become significator for profession and the planets exerting influence on these planets is necessary.

Dasamsha or one-tenth part of the Rashi Kundali represents the Profession and is to be used for detailed analysis while profiling one’s career. After you have extracted all the information from Rashi chart then only proceed to D-10. What I have discussed is general in nature and I have tried to keep the content simple to understand by budding astrologers.

 Important: D-10 is to be analysed as chart by itself

 Following are the likely results of the analysis of D-10.

  •  Lagna Lord in Own House / exalted – Good job.
  • Karakas for profession, namely Sun, Saturn and Mercury, if any one of them in own house – Good job.
  • Sun in own house / exalted – good job and will become a good leader in politics.
  • Sun or Saturn in Upachaya (3,6,10 and 11) – Good job
  • 9th Lord in 9th House – Success in profession.
  • Venus alone in 8th House – Lucky and excellent success in profession.
  • 7th Lord of D-1 /D-10 in own house or exalted – Very good progress in profession.
  • 10th Lord of D-1 / D-10 in own house / exalted –Very good job.
  • Lagna Lord, 6th Lord and 9th Lord of D-1 / D10 Lords, if any one of them is debilitated –No success in profession.
  • Lagna Lord in 9th / 9th Lord exalted – Business (Self employed)
  • If Capricorn has malefics – Indulge in bad / evil /illegal profession.
  • Rahu in Lagna – Temporary jobs / frequent transfers/ bad prospects in profession
  • If Lagna has any two planets, namely, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus – will become Jyothishis, Veda Pundits or Sanskrit scholars.
  • From  Moon Lagna, if 6th  and 9th house has association with Sun and Saturn –Quarrel with superiors and hence uncertainty in profession
  • 10th House / 10th Lord associated with Saturn – Unemployment / dismissal from service.
  • 10th House / Lord or Karakas like, Saturn, Sun are associated with a debilitated planet – Greedy, infamy and goes to jail on bribery charges.
  • D-1 Yogakaraka in Lagna or aspecting Lagna – Raja yoga in profession.
  • If 2nd, 9th, 10th and 11th Lord are together – Will reach top in business.
  • During Dasha / Bhukti of Benefic planets in Kendra – Promotion and success.
  • During Dasha / Bhukti of Malefics planets in Kendra- Setback, demotion, disgrace etc.
  • During Dasha / Bhukti of planets in Trikona – assistance / help from friends and well wishers
  • During Dasha / Bhukti of planets which are powerless, malefic or debilitatated occupying 10th House – Lot of difficulties in profession.

Author’s Note

This is as simple as it can get. Everyone is interested to know their future profession and this is also a guide to their education or specialisation in their college studies. This should be used as a guide only and do not try to take decisions based only on this. As stated earlier, please consult your astrologer for detailed analysis.


Varga Sameekshe – Kannada classic compiled by S Suryanarayan Rao


Clarification on personal matters constitute consultation and this involves money.

 Please do not ask for free consultation.

Such mails will be ignored and deleted.


Saturn’s Transit 2014

28 Oct

Saturn’s Transit – 2014

Saturn is the slowest moving planet. It takes 30 years for him to complete one cycle of his revolution through the 12 zodiacs. He spends roughly about 2 ½ years in each sign.
Saturn’s transit is a major astrological event and it is keenly watched and analysed by astrologers all over the world. This year Saturn moves into Scorpio on 2nd November 2014 and he will stay in Scorpio until 26th January 2017 and again as Retrograde from 22 Jun 2017 to 26 Oct 2017.
While analyzing transit of Saturn, we say that he is good in 3rd, 6th and 11th Houses from natal Moon and in remaining places he is adverse. These adverse placements are further classified as follows and constitute positions which are generally considered as negative placements
  • 12th,1st (Janma) and 2nd Houses constitute ‘Sade Sathi’ –  Sagittarius, Scorpio & Libra
  • 4th House – Ardaastama Shani /Daiyya – Leo
  • 5th House – Panchama Shani – Cancer
  • 8th House – Astama Shani – Aries
The predictions given below for each Rashi is general in nature. Do not be afraid if Saturn is adversely placed for your Rashi. Please check your Dasha & Bhukti currently operating and other planetary movements during the period. If the Dasha & Bhukti is good, many adverse predictions may not happen or will be mitigated. If you have further doubts please consult your astrologer.
8th House transit is generally not good and may cause some sort of loss. You may have to take care of your health and medical expenses are possible during this period. Get early medical advice if it is required. You should take more care in keeping valuables safe during this period. There may be tendency to indulge in negative activities. Getting finances for business purposes may become difficult. Don’t make any hasty decisions.
This transit is likely to result in long distance travel and mental anguish. You are likely to experience feelings of fear and unease and you should be more careful and cautious than usual while traveling. Difference of opinion and friction with spouse is also common during this transit. In relation to business and workplace, you may need to dissolve a contract or partnership during this period of Saturn Transit, so it is important to be extra careful before entering into new legal agreements. Delays could also be experienced in initiating and forming new ventures.
With this transit, Saturn moves to the 6th house for the sign of Gemini. This transit will not cause problems for you except for the possibility of a small disappointment but this may also bring some unexpected good luck. You will overcome enemies and diseases and a strong Saturn will boost your will power and physical capacity. You may also experience some interpersonal irritations, but do not worry about it. Academic success for students may be expected during this transit.
When Saturn enters Scorpio, the 5th house your circumstances should improve, even though the 5th house is not a favorable position for Saturn. However, you will receive more benefits than you would normally accrue. During this period of Saturn Transit, you may face some obstacles related to marriage of a son or daughter and you may need to take more care in relation to your children’s health. Any speculative business you are involved in will initially suffer but then will improve.
Saturn in the 4th house generally is not a good placement. 4th house indicates confusions and creates more ambiguity. You will have difficulty making prompt decisions. In this period, great gains are not predicted. You could experience a loss of status and diminished reputation during this period. Keep this in mind and try to mitigate any possibility for unwarranted assaults on your name.
You will have relief from difficulties when Saturn enters Scorpio, the 3rd house of your sign. You may soon enjoy prosperity. You are likely to travel abroad during this period of Saturn Transit. You will benefit much from communication related endeavors. The journeys that you undertake will bring profits. Those who work in literary and media fields will experience improvement and advancement in their work during this period of Saturn
You are entering the last phase of that Saturn’s ‘Sade Sathi’. Saturn is transiting to Scorpio, your 2nd house. 2nd house is not favorable but there will be some unexpected gains during this period. The gains are expected through a life partner and/or a business partner. Marriage plans should be avoided during this time.
You are currently under the influence of the seven and a half year Saturn period. In this transit, he occupies your own sign. This is period where you have to more careful with your health and finances. There will be ups and downs, so make investments carefully. You can expect a good relationship with your life partner, if you act sensibly during this period. You will gain power in order to tackle issues effectively as they arise during this period.
Saturn’s transit to Scorpio, the 12th house starts your journey through the 7-1/2 years of Saturn period (“Sade Sati”). You need not panic about the next 7-1/2 years of Saturn. Finances will be tight. Medical expenses are also indicated during this time. Receiving guests and paying for expenses related to events and hospitality will be more likely during this period of Saturn Transit. There may be some obstacles in ventures regarding profession during this period.
Until this transit you were experiencing official and professional troubles due to Saturn’s transit through Libra, the 10th house. Now it is time for you to relax. Saturn will be transiting Scorpio, the 11th house from your Moon sign. Generally, the 11th house is the house of profit. Saturn has to ensure your good health during this period. Children will bring happiness. Their attempts to gain advantageous employment will be fruitful. Your ventures will bring success during this period.
This transit will make an impact on the profession or career. There may be some obstacles in ventures regarding profession during this period. There may be delays getting things done according to plan. A possibility exists of being slandered in your profession due to ill intentions. Be vigilant in executing your duties properly. You will have enough strength to face these kinds of problems during this period. Caution is the watchword during this phase.
The 9th house is also not favorable for Saturn’s transition. However, it will be better than the 8th house transit.  You may see some development in business but it will be unremarkable. There may be delays in getting approval or permission from an agency or the government but finally you will get what you require. There may be some delays finalizing travel plans. This transit indicates obstacles for long journeys. Students will be interested in doing social service during this period.
Note:  What is given above is very general in nature and please consult your astrologer for specific effects. Please do not ask me for individual interpretations. Such requests and mails will be ignored.