17 Feb


Pradhosha Pooja is one of the most important poojas performed to the  Lord Shiva. In Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha the evening of the Trayodashi (thirteenth moon day) between 4.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. is called Pradhosha. Pradhosha time is especially meant for praying to Lord Shiva. Praying during that time will free us from our sins and gives us Moksha finally (hence the name Pradhosha). During Pradhosha time a special type of circumambulating called Soma Sutrapradakshinam is done.

Pradhosha Purana:

When Devas and Asuras were trying to get Amrutha (nectar) from the Ksheerabthi (Ocean Milk) using the serpent ‘Vasuki’ and the hill ‘Mandhara’, the terrible poison ‘Halahala’ came up. Every one got frightened and pleaded to Lord Shiva to rescue them. Lord Shiva consumed the poison and ordered Devas and Asuras to continue to churn the ocean. They resumed their effort and got ‘Amrutha’ on Dwadhashi (twelfth moon day). Without praying and thanking the God, Devas started dancing and celebrating their victory.

On Trayodashi (thirteenth moon day) they realized their sin of not praying to the God and pleaded for his forgiveness. Lord Shiva forgave them and danced between the horns of the Nandi (holy bull). That time is called Pradhosha. Whoever prays to Lord Shiva during that time, Lord Shiva fulfills their wishes and gives them’ Mukthi’

When Pradhosha falls on a Saturday then, it is called Mahapradosha or Shani Pradhosha

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