Kharanama Samvatsar – Nava Nayakas & Phala

18 Apr


Kharanama Samvatsara

Nava Nayakas and Samvatsara Phala

                                                Raja – Moon                           Arghyadhipa – Mercury

                                                Mantri – Jupiter                   Meghadhipa – Mercury

                                               Senadhipa – Mercury         Rasadhipa – Mars

                                               Sasyadhipa – Sun                 Nirasadhipa – Saturn

                                               Dhanyadhipa – Venus        Pashunayaka – Krishna

Brief Samvatsara Phala

  • All leaders will be in tension and some war like situation is imminent.
  • There are indications of deadly epidemic breaking out in some parts of the country.
  • There will be sufficient rainfall and agricultural produce will be adequate.
  • People in general will be more interested in worldly pleasures.
  • Silver & Oil will be available in plenty.
  • Gold will be costly
  • Steel, Copper & Tin will become cheap and be available in market.
  • Diary product will be available in plenty

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