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9 Aug
Astrologers practicing Parashari method have two main tools for ‘Timing an Event’, namely, Dasha & Bhukti and Transit predictions. The irony is that  Dasha & Bhukti can be used independently, whereas Transit has to be read in conjunction with Dasha & Bhukti. To be precise, the result obtained by Transit has to be supported by the results of Dasha & Bhukti otherwise Transit results may not happen.
Latta is a part of Transit predictions and as such it has to be read in conjunction with the prevailing Dasha & Bhukti of the native.
This word Latta means ‘Kick’ or Obstruction. During transit, a planet transiting a particular Nakshatra will afflict another Nakshatra at a distance.  If the afflicted Nakshatra happens to be your Janma Nakshatra, you are said to be under the influence of Latta of that particular planet. This distance is measured either forward or backward from that particular Nakshatra. The forward measurement is called “Purolatta” or Forward kick and backward measurement is called “Prustolatta” or Backward kick.
Purolatta Group                                         Prustolatta Group
Sun – 12th  forward                                   Moon – 22nd  backward
Mars – 3rd  forward                                    Mercury – 7th backward
Jupiter – 6th  forward                                 Venus – 5th  backward
Saturn – 8th  forward                                 Rahu/ Ketu – 9th backward
  1. If Sun occupies, at any time Moola Nakshatra, his Latta Nakshatra will be Krittika which 12th from Moola counting forward.
  2. If Venus occupies Sravana, his Latta Nakshatra will be Jyestha which is 5th from Sravana counting backwards
  1. The general effect of Latta is bad.
  2. If the Natal star comes under the Latta effects of two or more planets, bad effects will be greatly enhanced.
  3. Sun’s Latta causes loss of entire effects of the native, trouble from Government and trouble for father.
  4. Moon’s Latta causes great loss 
  5. Mars Latta causes utter ruination and  trouble from co-borns.
  6. Mercury causes fall and disaster.
  7. Venus causes trouble to spouse.
  8. Jupiter causes death, ruin of relatives and insecurity.
  9. Saturn same as that of Sun, trouble from elder brother and body discomfort.
  10. Rahu causes trouble to grandfather and misery.
  11. Ketu cause trouble from reptiles, exile and misery.
Author’s Note
Generally Latta is considered bad and by taking remedial measures individual can get relief. Some Panchangas in South India (eg. Ontikoppal Panchangam) gives the dates of Latta of all planets during that year which affects different Janma Nakshatras. By knowing your Latta periods before hand you can be prepared to counter it.